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Our team of professionals deliver high quality classes with correct and safe technique across multiple performance genres in preparation for optional examinations.


With an annual themed production alongside ad-hoc performance opportunities at all levels throughout the year, you are bound to have your time to shine on stage.

Dance Experiences

Annual "dance holiday experiences" provide unique exposure and connectivity opportunities at international competitions and dance festivals which give a truly engaging experience of a lifetime.


Choreographic works in all styles from jazz fusions to commercial beats including wowing acro tricks. Whatever you require we are able to deliver whether for stage, tv or custom event.

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Acro Dance
Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context. 

Classical Ballet
Ballet is a type of performance dance that originated during the Italian Renaissance in the fifteenth century and later developed into a concert dance form in France and Russia. It has since become a widespread and highly technical form of dance with its own vocabulary.
Commercial dance is a style of dance that is designed to be performed in front of an audience. It is a broad category that can include everything from hip-hop and jazz to tap and ballet. Commercial dancers must be able to perform with energy and precision while still making the routine look effortless.
Modern Contemporary
Contemporary dance is a genre of dance performance that developed during the mid-twentieth century and has since grown to become one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world, with particularly strong popularity in the US and Europe.

Modern Theatre
Jazz dance is a performance dance and style that arose in the US in the mid 20th century. Jazz dance may allude to vernacular jazz, Broadway or dramatic jazz. The two types expand on African American vernacular styles of dance that arose with jazz music.

Musical Theatre
Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical – humour, pathos, love, anger – are communicated through words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole.
Tap dance is a form of dance characterised by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Two major variations on tap dance exist: rhythm tap and Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses on dance; it is widely performed in musical theatre.
Flamenco is an art form based on the various folkloric music traditions of southern Spain, developed within the gitano subculture of the region of Andalusia, and also having historical presence in Extremadura and Murcia.
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Associated Examining Boards

Acrobatic Arts
Acrobatic Arts offers a comprehensive training programme for dance educators to safely teach Acro Dance. The curriculum covers anatomy, technique, progressions, lesson planning, choreography, and more.

Developed with input from over 100 experts in related fields, it's the most well-researched programme in its genre. 
Imperial Society of Teachers in Dance
The Society is one of the world's leading dance examination boards with the widest range of dance genres available. ISTD are a registered educational charity, supporting and training members through a variety of courses, teaching syllabi and techniques.
The Russian Ballet Society
The Russian Ballet Society promotes the teaching of the Legat System of Ballet, a dynamic and artistic style created by Nicolas Legat. This system is a free-flowing style with strong basic technique, developed through a constant variation of enchaînements. Once mastery of the basic steps has been achieved, these are arranged in a variety of combinations within their groupings, so that the brain is constantly stimulated and ultimate virtuosity of the body and the limbs are attained.
Spanish Dance Society
The programmes of study encompass all the richness of Spain’s culture. Such variety is found nowhere else in the world except in the cultural regions of Spain, and is still prevalent uniquely after thousands of years of integrating many different customs and folklore, exhibiting rare unique musical instruments, differing footwear and folk costumes pertaining to individual regions, all influencing the vast variety of dance techniques and styles.
Trinity College London
Trinity College London believes that effective communicative and performance skills are life enhancing, know no bounds and should be within reach of us all.

They exist to promote and foster the best possible communicative and performance skills through assessment, content and training which is innovative, personal and authentic.

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